Collection: Body Bundle Deal Kit

Bundle Deal Kits that will leave your skin revitalized with our three-step care kit:

Our Set Includes:

1 - 8oz Body Scrub

1 - 8oz Body Butter

1 - 4oz Body Glaze 


How to revitalize you skin with our three step bundle

Step One: 

Begin in the shower by using our Scrub. Start with exfoliating and buffing away the dead skin and tough patches, by rubbing the scrub on you skin in a circular motion, all over the body, or where you feel needs a little more love. This will revealing new layers that is ready to shine.

Step Two:

Follow up post-shower with our Body Butter to lock in moisture from the shower you just took, and to protect the skin's barrier, keeping it supple. Packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Step Three:

Complete the routine with our body Glaze for that final touch. Indulge in a nourishing blend of oils that effortlessly penetrates the skin. Lightweight and fragrant, enjoy a lasting aroma while satisfying your skin's needs, at home, or on the go. our formula is light weight, and fast absorbing. 

Remember, a little goes a long way.